Spring Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home

February 28, 2019 10:41 am

As of March 20, spring is officially here, and there is no better time to break out those cleaning supplies and give your home a deep scrub. Spring cleaning is a terrific way to revitalize your home’s interior! The best first step is to declutter all areas and throw away or donate things you no longer need. Follow these simple spring-cleaning ideas to leave your home sparkling:

Cabinets – Over time, your kitchen and bathroom cabinets can collect buildup from grease, hair products and other residue. While you may not be able to see this buildup, you will certainly be able to tell a difference when it is gone. To safely clean your cabinet doors, use a “cabinet cream” that will remove grime and leave the wood moisturized.

Hardwood Floors – While many people mop their hardwood floors weekly, this can actually damage the floors. Try using a wet mop every month. Dry cleaning methods such as sweeping and using a Swiffer should be utilized weekly. For a deep clean of your hardwoods, use a wood-cleaning product but make sure to dilute according to the directions.

Carpet – Begin deep cleaning your carpets by vacuuming to remove any dust and dirt particles. Next, you will need to shampoo with a carpet cleaner. These cleaners can be rented hourly from most local hardware stores or you can hire a professional to come in and clean.

Tiled Surfaces – Bathroom floors, showers, kitchen backsplashes and other tiled surfaces can become grimy and accumulate mildew. Tile is best cleaned with a cleaner labeled “neutral pH.” For grout, use a water and baking soda cleaning solution.

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