Replacing Windows to Save Money

January 13, 2021 12:00 am

Mother with her little daughter looking out of windowIf the windows in your home are more than 15 years old, it could be time to replace them. Even if they seem to be functioning properly, aging windows can be taking a toll on your wallet. Many older windows are made of untreated, clear glass, which acts as an open door for UV rays. Just as these rays can damage unprotected skin, they can also damage the interior of your home. Over time, UV rays can lead to the discoloration and deterioration of your carpet, artwork, and window treatments. Replacing and repairing these items can really be costly.

Windows serve as insulators for your home. If the windows are old, the sealants may not be able to keep warm and cool air in or out of your home. If you feel a different temperature when you are near your windows, it is likely the windows are doing little to properly insulate your home, causing your energy bill to be much higher than necessary.

In addition to producing drafts, aged sealants can allow moisture and water to seep into your home. Such leaks may lead to water damage on your windowsills and walls, but they can also be pathways for insects to enter your home. Exterminating insects or replacing drywall due to water damage or mold can have a significant impact on your budget.

For information on how to replace your windows, check out the video below.